Thursday, July 18, 2013

Nature vs. Nurture - One woman's journey to discover the true value of human life...

"I was born to a real life, 100%, granola eating, acid dropping, hairy legged hippie who raised me to always be proud of my womanly capabilities. I knew at a young age the importance of things like breastfeeding etc. She taught me the "my body, my choice" religion. I can even remember writing research papers about the rightness of "pro-choice". When I was 11 I watched my mother bring my baby sister into this world. I witnessed first hand the utter miracle that is birth. When my sister was a day old I was in the hospital room keeping my mom company when the birth certificate worker came by to get the baby's information. I beamed with pride over my new sister as the worker asked routine question about my mother, and her health history. Then the question came. "Have you ever had an abortion?" My mothers answer? "Yes." I felt the blood leave my head. "How many?" "3." I thought I was going to be sick. It was one thing to preach "pro-choice", it was quite another to know you are only here because 3 of your siblings are dead. I wanted to cry. I looked at my sister wondering why she, and I, and my older sister were here. Why did we get to come, but the first 3 didn't? What if they had? Would I not be here? Flash forward 12 years; only 2 months into my marriage, and what do we get? A big fat positive pregnancy test. Wasn't exactly planning that. And for a split second, there was a fleeting thought..."Do I even want this?" I had to stop myself. I was right back in that hospital room with my mom and that feeling of disgust and shock. How could I even think that?! Because when it really sank in, that I was pregnant, I knew without a doubt, that I had a human baby inside me. And not just my human baby, my new husbands too. And when I finally welcomed her into this world (11 days past due!) that was it. Proof. These are people too, humans, not just a clump of cells. If that were the case, then that is all I am too. But until now, I haven't owned this belief. I felt like I was betraying my political party with this conviction. Well guess what, humans, all humans, no matter the size, are worth more to me than a political group.

...I also want to say that I still love my mother and respect her. She has taught me so much, and whether she meant to or not, she taught me to value life. And for that I am grateful."

-Kay Rogers

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  1. Wow, what a story! Isn't it amazing that even though you were raised on pro-choice you intuitively knew that it was horribly wrong. That is the root of the problem with legal abortion. Pro-aborts are being intellectually dishonest. They know the truth -- it's just hidden deep inside where they want it to stay.