Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Oh, bless your heart....

Allow me to set you straight, shooter. Texas style. 

“If our children were sacred, you would stand for their rights, 
You would ride on buses and fight all the fights. 
If my womanhood was precious, you would treat it with care, 
You wouldn’t sell all its secrets because, well, why go there. 
Since my womb is life giving, Planned Parenthood can't pry it, 
It's not a grave for my child's cold, dead body, I surely would riot. 
If my vagina was respected, its name would be protected, 
not crudely drawn on poster boards, for the shock value it erected. 
If my body was a temple, I would value its purity, 
treating it with honor, not trading it because of insecurity. 
If my brain were the focus, not what's beneath my pants, 
true female equality might just stand a chance. 
Because my body is not a weapon, it is a mightier thing, 
With a voice that speaks out for the life it can bring. 
Female brains are not delicate, they are muscular and magic, 
So stop messing with mine, with offensive poetry that’s tragic. 
My bill is here to demand it runs its full course, 
Listen to the silenced voices of MILLIONS or feel their full force.”


Post by Destiny


  1. BOOM.

    LOVe love LOVE this! So good. So much better than the other one, and better crafted as well!

    Love from England to y'all in Texas!

  2. Nailed it. ;) You ladies are awesome! Keep doing what you do and fighting the good fight! -from NM.

  3. AMAZING!!! I can't believe that poem by that Texas woman "if my vagina were a gun" or whatever, I like this one MUCH MORE!!! Well said!

  4. "If My Vagina Was A Gun" really is awful doggerel. And this is me putting my I-minored-in-English-because-I-am-a-dork hat on, not just me being pro-life. The meter is horrendously inconsistent, the rhyme scheme is all over the place, none of the lines flow very well at all. It's just bad poetry from a technical standpoint.

    That being said, watching everyone on Twitter going, "Why is this a hashtag, what is going on, how is this even a thing?" was pretty hilarious.

    I like this rewrite much better. It cleans up some of the technical issues, and makes a much better point by FAR.

  5. This is the kind of spitfire passion that our movement needs more of. It's time to stop being afraid to not just speak out.. but SHOUT out.