Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Bloody Friday...

We're hearing rumors that those protesting the bill down in Austin today are planning on getting pretty rowdy in hopes of being arrested, so y'all a) be very careful, b) do not engage them, and c) probably should leave the kiddos at home. 

That said, there's one rumor in particular that deserves our full attention for no other reason than it's so bat$#!+ crazy, it will bring a smile to your face this morning. Here's what someone posted:

"Some radicals originally wanted to throw menstrual blood on us Friday. Then too many of them said paint. Luckily they are now down to throwing red glitter wrapped in maxi pads."

Just take a minute and absorb the full awesomeness of that. If you're anything like me, you immediately started picturing the planning sesh/drum circle where this discussion took place.

"Hey y'all, how 'bout this- since they're trying to like ban our vaginas or somethin' down at the capitol, why don't we go throw period blood on them?!" "DUDE, that's such a rad idea! And when I menstruate, I go hard, so I could totally donate, only prob is, my menses aren't due for another two weeks." "Persephone Moonbeam, are you seriously telling me you're not feminist enough to will your goddess cycle into being." "Sorry dude, whenever I try, I just fart." *reluctantly puts period pail away* "Hey wait! Doesn't Rhonda, er, I mean, Lilith Patchouliblossom work at Home Depot? Think she could score us a few gallons of Heavy Flow Red?" "No, she's over at Michael's now, but I bet she can get us some glitter!"

And that kids, is the story of how the Capitol turned into a Ke$ha concert for a day...

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