Thursday, October 13, 2016

Amanda Marcotte Just Makes Shit Up

So evidently this is how modern day online journalism works now. You decide you hate someone and then go and cobble out the villain you want them to be from work that they're only distantly connected to. 

Exhibit A:

Like literally she just removed the word "not" so that it would have to opposite meaning and then slapped it by my name. Are you effing kidding me, Salon?

Marcotte then goes on to attributed someone else's words from a blog post (which she actually links to in her "article," y'all… showing the other person's attribution and all) and claims it was MY story about giving up contraceptive. {Note to self: Let husband know about this update in our sex life.}

So basically this is how internet "news" works these days. Good to know. NWF *official* response:

*all of those words were in her article or articles people she knows have written before 
so I put them together in a sentence I liked better. 


  1. Brilliant, and well-deserved.
    Thanks for woking her, she's a bit ... eighteenhundredsey in journalistic practices ... mebbe she learned to be a jouno by reading those great oldtimey Murder! Murder! headlines in an archive of 1820's tabloids. Though as a relic certainly interesting.

  2. Love this! I should add, Amanda is know for her condescending view of women don't agree with her ideology 100%. Even other feminists and progressives have criticized how she thinks religious women are dumb, brainwashed, submissive bimbos. She also published a book full of racist caricatures.

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