Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Past, The Present, & The Future Of Feminism

A few weeks ago I went to hang out with a friend of mine who's battling cancer. I decided to pick up some movies on the way, so I rented a serious one that looked really good and a stupid, funny one, in case she needed a laugh. At the time I didn't realize how ironic my choices were: I'd grabbed 'Suffragette' and 'Trainwreck.'
Here we had, in just 2 DVD's, feminism of the past and modern day fauxminism.
We went with Trainwreck, which was just that, but later that night I came home and watched 'Suffragette' with my daughters.
The feminism depicted in Suffergette (which desperately needs reclaiming btw) focuses on what women are capable of accomplishing, despite their gender. While Schumer's brand of feminism is all about what women can get away with, BECAUSE of their gender.
It's nothing more than pussy power fauxminism and it's weak.
"Men are pigs! And look, now women can be pigs too, because equality or something! I can screw a new guy each night and still totally love my existence... Oh wait, until I fall for one of them and then I cannot exist without him! Because MENMENMENMENMENMENMEN!!!!"
Whoops, sorry, I guess should've said spoiler alert first since that's basically the entire plot line of Trainwreck. #soempowering
Here's an idea, maybe the feminism of the future shouldn't focus so hard on gender, but rather what we can all do as human beings to just, be better.
Nobody be a pig. Everybody operate at the highest standard, not based on what's between your legs, but just as human beings. And while we're at it, can we please stop saying men are pigs? I have two sons and that's certainly not the way I'm raising them... or my daughters for that matter. No more excuses for bad behavior or double standards because boys are "just" being boys. That's bullshit. My sons are just as capable as my daughters are at controlling their urges and respecting others. And my daughters are just as capable as my sons are at controlling their emotions and using their brains. I expect them all to be upstanding, respectful, powerful members of society and change the freaking world for the better.
So, moral of the story, if your friend is already dealing with Chemo then for the love of gawd don't make them suffer any more by imposing 2 hours of Amy Schumer on 'em. Btw, my friend's a total warrior and she's gonna be just fine... despite what I put her through.


  1. I have thought the same thing. I'm learning when I see dysfunction in the women's movement, I need to speak up. Why do the likes of Amy Schumer think they need to be so crude in order to make a statement. That's not real power.

  2. I have always agreed with this sentiment, ever since I was a little girl in the 1970s and first heard of feminism! I used to call myself "egalitarian" because I believe all PEOPLE (regardless of gender) are equal and ought to be treated with equal respect.

    I only now call myself a feminist because of the many, many ways women and girls have been systematically, culturally disenfranchised. Oftentimes it's called for to stand up for women and girls. However, many situations call for standing up for men and boys! (E.g., African-American men who are particularly demonized--see the racial disparities in the criminal/penal system--and boys who are all too often short-shrifted in school.)

    And usually, even when a situation calls for "standing up for" someone's safety, or rights, or humanity, it's to the benefit of EVERYBODY to promote safety, equality, and common humanity. Everyone benefits when we are held to a higher standard. (That's what I love about your post.)

    Rape is not just a women's issue! It's an issue of men respecting THEMSELVES enough to engage in caring, loving relationships--or at least consensual flings. And insisting that other men treat the women (and men) in their lives with the respect that they deserve, even when libidos rage.

    Paid family leave is another such issue. Everyone benefits when we as a society choose to prioritize the wellbeing of children.

    And yes, I am revolted by the kind of humor promoted by Shumer and Apatow. We can do better. ✊��