Saturday, February 1, 2014

I Want To Punch Justin Bieber In The Throat

It took exactly 4 days after MyCy's wrecking ball video came out for my 7-year-old to tell me ALL about it since a little girl in her class had described it to her in full detail. Then last week as I was carpooling some kiddos around they all start talking about how Justin Bieber was arrested for "egging a house and then drinking beer while he was driving a car" (these kids actually knew more about the sitch than I did).

So this afternoon I'm sure you all can understand why I'm now looking for a good deal on a freakin' underground bunker, because really Google "NEWS," really? It was necessary for you to pornify our culture and subsequently my public school'd kids even further by spreading around a pic of this disgusting little floppy haired twerp and his friend attempting to what, like, breastfeed off a "dancer?" Do you seriously have NO standards of decency? Well, screw you, Google News.

Screw you for propagating filth under the guise of informing the masses when really you're just another porn pedaling click-through whore. I am so sick of trying to raise decent people in a world that thinks the meaning of life is to walk around with a perma-boner.

I'm hardly a prude, and talk to my kids about EVERYTHING, but the difference is I want them to grow up to have healthy and fulfilling sex lives, not this shallow flirt and squirt counterfeit we see all around us. Parenting in America in 2014 almost seems negligent at this point. I'm done y'all. Done.

(Oh, and if any of you dare blame this on my period, you'll be underground too, and not in my bunker.)


Update: Ok, I'm done venting now. So, what's the solution? It's everywhere. We can't watch 30 seconds of the Grammy's without thongs. We can't watch commercials without graphic sex scenes. We can't drive down the freaking street without BOOBS, BOOBS, BOOBS! How do we counter this for our children's and our own sake? 


  1. Well, no free access to TV and the internet for starters. But, you can't be around them all of the time so just make sure that you are the standard of morality and constancy that they need. The fact that you are upset says a lot about you. You are a good mama, we cannot protect them from the evil in this world, just guide them through it.

  2. unfortunately this was happening 30 years ago but not to this extent, but it was happening. We all did nothing. My parents did nothing. There is nothing to be done except don't watch TV. I don't. I don't subscribe. I watch stuff on the internet. Don't buy the clothes and train our children to resist buying thongs and wearing immodest crap. I have thrown out more of my middle daughter's clothing than she knows. It just disappears. I have told her she cannot buy this crap. She can't wear skirts that barely cover her. Like many of her peers she doesn't get it. She doesn't get that this is arousing to young men. She feels empowered by it. Fortunately my other two daughters do not feel this way.
    As long as Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber continue to sell their music they won't change. What we need is a revolution back to modesty and decency.

    1. Modesty is not about controlling men's thoughts. It is not a young girl's job to dress a certain way do that boys won't think about her. Men need to learn to control their own thoughts and not be dependent on the attire of women.

  3. My husband is working on helping guys (and girls, too, I suppose) inoculate themselves against the pornified vision with his one-on-one coaching ministry at From all our experience so far, I think he's on to something -- we can't just "avoid it" or look the other way because it's everywhere. People from young to old need a foundational reorientation of their vision to "the whole person" -- the transformation to authentic respect for the body starts there.

  4. The best thing you can do is to never give up fighting it. Years ago parents took the attitude "it's every where, so what can I do" and look at the mess we have now. You can speak very loudly by spending your dollars wisely, in other words research every where you intend to shop and the products you buy and put your money where they are not supporting the liberal agenda.

  5. stay in your cave, dont come down from your is directed to homeschoolers, but it applies to everyone who is trying to educate their children to decency and true happiness..

  6. (i swear this will have a point. I know it sounds off tangent to begin with but it isn't) The problem is that those who devalue life also devalue all that life gives us. Really, those that want to kill babies in the womb constantly say that if we rescind abortion, women will again go to back alleys to kill their children. Well, okay, why did they do that in the first place? Why do some women still seek to have an abortion? It's because the patriarchal culture demands that women must be shamed for choosing life without a husband whereas men are perfectly off the hook if they create life without a wife. In fact, a man with several children by several women is seen as amusing while a woman with several children outside of wedlock (ie, the same thing) is seen as revolting.

    Because our patriarchal culture sees women as less, it's further instigated everyday by showing women as objects. When is the last time you saw a hot guy with a 6 pack abs standing next to a new car on the front of a magazine? Now, when it the last time you saw a woman in her underwear or bikini on the front of a magazine? The devaluation of life - including women's lives- is everywhere and perpetuated by those who are part of the culture of Death - as JPII put it.

    In fact, domestic violence has gone way up in recent years. Women who live with their boyfriends - rather than husbands- have a much greater tendency to be a victim of violence (one report I remember seeing put it as high as 80% more). Why this increase? Probably because we do understand marriage as a partnership - give and take, whereas a shack up relationship tends to be about power.

    Because women are now nothing more than objects, we are subjected to half naked women with their rib cages sticking out everywhere. Men are always shown covered up, in a tux, and of various sizes. A couple of the most recent examples of this was the Jimmy Fallon commercial shot - he's in a tux surrounded by a bunch of super models in bikinis. If we were an equal culture, shouldn't he be in a speedo in the sub-freezing temps as well? Or, better yet, shouldn't the commercial focus on him, since it's his show, and not have super models at all? After all, they were just arm candy - ie objects to be displayed.

    Another example was in the recent Elle magazine controversy . Again, even with this one, why aren't male actors depicted the same way as actresses?

    It's all about the patriarchal culture - until we change to actual culture to one that respects both mothers and fathers equally, we will continue to have other women's boobs forced into our tv screens.

  7. Nurse in public. Show the world what they're meant for!