Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pro-Life Feminists & The New Patriarchy

We believe the oppression we suffered before the women's movement has now been passed down to our offspring. We were once men's property, and now we're told our children are our property, to do with whatever we please. Radical feminism has become singularly focused on abortion rights which could not make the patriarchy happier. Because see, they are no longer looking for broodmares, to birth a dozen farm working kids for them. No, the new patriarchy wants nothing to do with you or your offspring. Well, actually I take that back. They still want to screw you, but that's it. 

You got that right, sweet cheeks.
The new patriarchy expects you to treat your fertility like a disease on every level. Pump your body full of chemicals to prevent reproduction and if that fails, you better kill whatever life was created. It's still all about money for them, but now that kids cost more than they can make, so the new patriarchy embraces abortion. They do not want to have to pay child support. 

Neither does our predominately male run government. They sure as hell don't want to support your kid for the next 18-years (don't even get me started on if you're a minority because didn't you notice precisely when the civil rights movement started to prove successful, abortion clinics moved into all the low income, black and hispanic communities?). The politicians wanting to make abortion as accessible as possible are not doing that for womankind. It's all about the money they'll save if they can get us to kill our children before they start mooching off the government. And the best part, they've made us think it was our idea, that it's all about autonomy.

That body, the one IN your body, has its own DNA, its own heartbeat, and half the time its own gender. That is not your body. And that human being deserves its own autonomy as well.

We're hardly naive though. Even if abortion were to become illegal tomorrow, there are women who would still seek it out. Why? Because tomorrow women will still feel helpless, and scared, and like they're not strong enough, or well off enough, or capable enough to take care of the new life they've created. New Wave Feminists is about empowering them with information and resources so they realize they do have choices, real choices where they can take a less than desirable situation and turn it into something phenomenal. Because that's what women do. That is what we are capable of. We are strong and we overcome, and we don't run away when shit gets tough, just because it would make it easier on the dudes who want us to kill our children in the name of "liberation." Screw that.


Post by Destiny


  1. Thank you so, so much for putting in to words so well what I've felt for years. Once *some* men thought through the precepts of abortion they realized the inherent convenience built into it for them, a disassociation with children and family.


  2. Wow, I think this takes the cake. It's the patriarchy that is to blame for widespread abortion and the disease of fertility. It's not feminism, that at every turn demeaned, disrespected and shown contempt for motherhood. Not feminism that has influenced women into thinking of their reduction as a burden, pregnancy as a life sentence, and celebrated the pill as a revolution for women's sexuality. My humble theory is that either, women actually really hate men and therefore feminism needs to blame men ( by proxy, the patriarchy) for everything in order to gain new members or the allure of victim hood is so strong that it is the major propaganda tool used to gain new members. Absurd, and I actually agree with the premise and came here looking for legitimate information. Guess I will have to look elsewhere. lmfao