Friday, April 1, 2016

Leading By Example...

"Today while I was on campus with the ‪#‎WeDontNeedPP‬ Display, I met a student who told me she is scheduled to have an abortion on Saturday. We talked for awhile, and I asked why she decided to have an abortion. She told me she doesn't think she can finish school and be a mother. After sharing with her the myriad of resources available to pregnant and parenting students on campus, I looked her in the eyes and said, "You are strong enough to be a mother and finish your education, don't let anyone tell you that you aren't..." She burst into tears and thanked me for talking with her. I gave her my contact info and told her to let me know if there is anything that she needs." -Lisa Atkins

THAT is pro-life feminism.


  1. Amazing! My mother is a strong pro-life activist and I have resisted the truth for years. This, your, movement speaks to me as a young(ish) woman. Thank you for your work and I feel you should know you have really inspired me.

  2. Replies
    1. Would like to know also.
      And , while I think you said EXACTLY the right thing, and it sounds like this woman really didn't want the abortion, I still have to wonder WHY she was considering it then? Did she acknowledge her child WAS her child, or did she feel she would be killing 'potential' life? I feel these are important to know as I believe they play a huge role in one's view on abortion. The only thing we know is she was worried SHE would not be able to finish school-and while she seems as I said like she didn't want to abort- I still have to wonder if she actually considered her child's life in all this?

    2. To clarify; I am NOT saying her schooling isn't important or that SHE isn't important. But we all know there are at least 2 lives involved in an abortion decision, but a lot of times when people talk about their choice to abort or that they would abort it's just about how having a child (or even staying pregnant) would affect THEM; making no mention that they are taking away someone else's life.

      A huge part of ending abortion-besides providing alternatives which frankly DO exist so people can't really use that as an excuse any more- is changing people's hearts and changing society's morals/ethics. So it's important to know what people think about when debating to have an abortion so we can address their reasons.