Tuesday, August 4, 2015

She'll be back, will you?

I can't help but wonder--every single day--if things would have been different if there was someone on the sidewalk to dissuade me. 

There was. 

She was only a few minutes too late. 

When Brian picked me up from my abortion, he told me about the LOON who said, "Sir? There's still time to save your baby!"

His witty retort? "Well I guess I'm in the wrong place."

He then went to Home Depot to contemplate interior design...

If I could go back in time and thank that woman, I would. And I would ask her to remain vigilant, because I will be back. Every day, I will be back. Every day, four thousand times, I will come to kill my child. Because God will forgive me. Because the timing is bad. Because I'm broke. Because I want to go to school. Because I want him to like me. Because I am an unfit mother. Because she was conceived in rape. Because his father is abusive. Because because because because... Don't you understand? It's all just because...

I. Will. Be. Back.


Post by one of the best people I know, Brice Griffin

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