Thursday, February 5, 2015

Why True Sex Positivity Is Key

"Feminism" has come to mean we have to accept and glorify anything that anyone wants to do as long as they slap that label on it. 

It's a major issue for me when Beyonc√© slithering on a pole is considered a feminist act, and even more so when a man manipulating a woman into allowing abuse is considered a personal choice and empowering. I don't know when it became wrong to say "um, that might not be good for that woman personally or really women in general," but I think that's where feminism has lost its way. 

We no longer have any standards for women based on human dignity. That's why you can have porn stars claiming to be "feminists" when truly most are not sex positive at all but actively encouraging a culture that sees women as meat to get their rocks off to. Then we're up in arms when dudes catcall women on the streets. Seriously???? 

Why is it okay to privately use women but then such a shock when they do it publicly? You want to smash rape culture? Start by smashing porn. Start by calling out a practice that is training men and many women how to use others, in 2D form, because it will not stay contained to their computer screens. There's nothing sex positive about disconnecting sex from human dignity. That's actually anti-sex-positive and leads to nothing more than masturbation where you're using another person rather than your hand. 

I love sex, GOOD SEX, so much that I'm going to call out shit that I think hinders it. To me, that's being truly sex positive.


Post by Destiny



  2. 'Feminism' has simply become a synonym for 'retribution.' It's as if all the women collaborated (I must've missed the memo) to get back at men for ever injustice committed since the dawn of humanity. It isn't standing FOR something, it's standing AGAINST men. All men. Every man. And the way they think they'll do that is by doing to men everything that has been done to a women. I guess we'll "show them" by catcalling, watching Magic Mike with our girlfriends, allowing ourselves to be whipped and bound in the name of equality, and holding men under our high heeled shoes.

    It's not a mission statement, a philosophy or even a political statement anymore, it's simply retaliation via imitation.
    Today's feminism is pathetic and shamefully desperate, which is why I will not affix my name to it. Ever.

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