Monday, November 10, 2014

Be Bold


  1. Nice video, you make good points. Your reflections make me wonder about something I have often thought about: are male pro-life activists (or at least too many, in overly public positions) a liability for the movement as whole? I worry that being a man limits how useful I can be to the movement: I am not sure I am the person women facing crisis pregnancies would want to talk to; also, people on the other side who see me arguing the pro-life cause can easily dismiss me. "He's never going to be pregnant, he doesn't know what he is talking about," or similar thoughts might be the reaction. Is the best thing men in the movement can do is let women take the lead? Maybe I am overstating the case, but I wonder about this.

    1. John,

      From a PR perspective I think you are on to something. Women wouldn't have to overcome as many dismissive arguments, you're right. However, I think men are still vital. I cringe when I see a pro-choice woman say men don't get to speak about the issue of abortion, because it's NOT just a "woman's issue" it's a HUMAN FREAKIN' RIGHTS issue. Which I know you know.

      I think on the sidewalk women might have an easier time approaching other women since at it's core pregnancy is an intimate condition and it's easier to talk to someone of the same sex. But then I think of the boyfriend or father who might be out there that would feel awkward talking to a woman for the same reasons. So again, men must be actively involved.

      I would love to see more women leading in this area, but personally I'd love to see more women leading in most fields, movements, and industries. Beyond that though, I want to see good people in those positions, no matter their gender. Women can screw stuff up just as easily as men if they suck as human beings.

    2. Thanks for your comments. I suppose it all depends on the situation--particular women and men can be assets or liabilities to the pro-life movement depending on the context, their approach, personalities, and so on.

      In light of your feedback, I will defer my plan to dress up in drag for all future pro-life events (I'll keep that as a back-up option, though...)