Saturday, February 23, 2013

Who Really Benefits From Abortion THE MOST?


  1. LOVE THIS! I am so tired of being told I have been repressed and brainwashed by the patriarchy, when in fact it is the patriarchy spreading the biggest lie ever told to women. All in the name of reproductive "freedom."

  2. We are going to link to this on our blog. Catch it later this week.
    Love and support from Prolife Feminists from across the pond x

    1. It would be great to link up, perhaps some sharing of posts? We are just starting out and don't really know how to publicise. Any tips/help would be gratefully received. x

  3. While I may agree that the government probably would not prefer to foot the bill, this has oversimplified a complex issue. Not everyone is poor, dating horrible guys, and sexually assaulted who seek abortions. There are health concerns you do not even mention in this post. PP and other clinics give financial assistance to the poor who seek the procedure. So no its not a just business. I personally believe in pro-life but I believe the battle is fought at poverty line, in general, not vilifying women, directly or indirectly.