Sunday, November 18, 2012

We Get That Y'all Think WE'RE The Clueless Ones, But Um, As If...

If I didn't know any better I'd say everything feminism is now is *gasp* kinda misogynistic. Actually I do know better, and it's all a total crock. 

Show me this modern guy who wants a full quiver of kids to carry on his family name and help him plow his fields, and I'll show you a chick who still vacuums in high heels and pearls. That dude just doesn't exist anymore. We love things more than people these days, and bottom line, kids cost too much. 

Kid's=less money for things+they ruin everything nice, thus Pregnant+Barefoot (2012)=no bueno. 

See, the modern misogynist wants commitment free sex and free abortion on demand. THAT is how he will be able to exploit a woman's mind, body, and soul and keep her in true bondage for the rest of her life. Because when you trick a woman into "fighting for her right" to go against her instinct and kill her unborn child, then tell her it was just a clump of cells, so if she feels devastated by this then she's crazy and un-liberated and setting women back, you have truly oppressed her. 

If anything will make us stronger it will be acknowledging SCIENCE (not that big, scary word again) and accepting the fact that our bodies release Oxytocin every time we slap happies. It's not fair, but science, ya know?And Oxytocin's the same chemical released during childbirth and every time we nurse our babies, so that we will bond to them and not leave them in dumpsters and stuff. I get that it's so unfeminist to admit commitment free sex and abortion aren't empowering to us, but I'll go with biology on this one, since it's been around a whole heck of a lot longer. 
So in conclusion, mainstream feminists should be pissed at science, and not us. 


Post by Destiny


  1. I love this post! I've been arguing this for YEARS! Why is it just accepted that birth control and abortion are empowering to women? I mean, we are now empowered to be treated like sex objects and not respected as mothers. Yeah, that sounds...great. No.

  2. Men actually have elevated levels of oxytocin during orgasmic and pre-orgasmic states, just like women. Your SCIENCE is nonsense, much like your claim to be a feminist.

    1. Let's follow your argument. Your argument is that because both men and women have elevated levels of oxytocin before and during sex that men and women should allow men to escape the responsibility that comes with the results of sex by damaging the woman physically and psychologically and destroying the life that was created.

      It seems to me that your belief in what feminism should be is "that which allows me to do whatever I want, including murder, if preventing life will inconvenience me or prevent my desire to feel a moment of pleasure." I'd rather have a lifetime of the joys and pains of parenthood than a lifetime of being used for my body and guilt over my selfish choice to put my pleasure (or ANY MAN'S pleasure) above my child's life.

  3. Well if you say so than it must be true.


  4. Carmichael MS, Humbert R, Dixen J, Palmisano G, Greenleaf W, Davidson JM (January 1987). "Plasma oxytocin increases in the human sexual response". The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 64 (1): 27–31.

    Carmichael MS, Warburton VL, Dixen J, Davidson JM (February 1994). "Relationships among cardiovascular, muscular, and oxytocin responses during human sexual activity". Archives of Sexual Behavior 23 (1): 59–79

    Or if you prefer a link, you can just check the wikipedia page for oxytocin.

    1. Here is a link for proof that breastfeeding increases oxytocin levels and decreases blood pressure.
      and another study, with link;jsessionid=B23750E80FF9A7FF13251D805F8433A9.d04t02?
      and I didn't need to use wiki to get my information.

      As for oxytocin being a hormone released in a woman's body during childbirth, I couldn't find a study for that because it is common knowledge in the medical world that oxytocin is the hormone that CAUSES CONTRACTIONS during labor. The studies I found were regarding increasing oxytocin levels (ever heard of Pitocin?) to speed labor and delivery. All of which supports the science of the article.

      Doing what is closest to natural is in a majority of cases, the healthiest I am sure you would agree. Natural foods, natural exercize, etc. It is NOT natural to destroy a life that NATURE has created due to your lifestyle choices. It is NATURAL to enjoy sex, it is NOT natural to treat your body like a man's playground, nor is it 'feminist' to treat your body that way. It IS natural to have self respect and to treat yourself like the valuable treasure you are and protect yourself and your future children from the unnatural so-called 'choice' to damage your body and destroy your baby's life.

  5. So I've spent the last hour pouring back over the same stuff I read when I first posted this, and have come to the same conclusion....a lot of how oxytocin works is still a mystery.

    I'm sure men release it, but I would be shocked if they release it in the same quantities women do. Even the articles decrying "abstinence only teaching" all still admit that one of the traits of oxytocin is bonding.

    So all I can go off is personal experience. I'm a very "dude-ish" chick, and so I assumed I could have lots of commitment free sex just like the guys I was with and be fine. I was seriously pissed at my body when I found out I couldn't. All I'm saying is it's empowering (to me at least) to know there's a chance we are different from men when it comes to this, and oxytocin, being the little bitch it is, might ensnare us in some emotions we ain't tryin' to be havin'. Understanding this is a likely possibility, allows us to retain our power rather than turning it over to some dumb chemical trying to run our shit.

  6. P.S. I will go edit the offending line....

  7. I have to say, I have trouble trusting an article based on two articles that were written in 1987 and 1994. I got my MA in history and in my papers, if I cited something that old, I had to back it up with newer research. I also have a few friends who got graduate degrees in scientific fields (one is an MD) and, again, if they were citing old research, they had to be sure to back it up with current studies.