Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Irony of "Life Threatening" Ailments...

As a mother of four I am constantly worried about my children. I have two boys and two girls, and with each of them comes a unique set of worries.

My oldest son for instance has terrible asthma. Cold weather always exacerbates this issue and at times his inhaler is a real life saver. It's so scary to watch his face as he gasps for air, hoping relief will come soon. He was born with this ailment and often the medication used to treat it is very pricey, costing upwards of $80 a pop. Because we're a family on a budget sometimes sacrifices must be made to get him the treatments he requires. But of course we make those sacrifices.

And well, my daughters I'm embarrassed to say, both have a condition called "Vagina." I myself suffer from Vagina, and used to worry that I had passed it on to them, although most medical professionals will refute that myth. But from what I hear (on it is life threatening as well. See, Vagina is a serious disease that plagues 99.9% of all women... I threw in that decimal just to be safe. And because we were all born with this preexisting condition we are increasingly susceptible to a secondary disease called Heterosexual Coitus- commonly know as Sex. Sex frequently happens to Vagina sufferers, although it is not always fatal. However, a majority of the time it is elective. Heterosexual Coitus is usually something that those living with Vagina choose to contract unlike other ailments such as (the aforementioned) asthma, or cancer, or diabetes. Yet, due to increased pressure from extremist groups throughout (read as: a group of chicks in a basement... and Bill Maher) the federal government is planning on forcing insurance companies to cover the cost of birth control pills for women with Vagina.

Now as someone who herself lives with this condition, you might be surprised to hear that I do not support this mandate. Because the bottom line is that my son can't choose 'not to have asthma.' No, chronic inflammatory disease TRULY threatens his life, and honestly, I find it offensive that his medication is viewed as "optional" whereas chemical contraceptives are being considered a necessity by our federal government. They argue that "poor women cannot always afford birth control pills." Well, what about poor children with respiratory problems? Why won't the federal government force insurance companies to pay for their medication which is much, much pricier? What makes population control, er, I mean, contraception a priority? Never mind. I think I just answered my own question.


Post by Destiny


  1. Here's a fun irony I experienced recently...I reposted an article on facebook about the whole komen debacle...and someone commented about how planned parenthood provides low cost "healthcare", too...i commented back that no amount of low cost healthcare justifies supporting/frequenting any abortion provider...and was told that well, when she had to chose between a weeks worth of wages for a drs visit, or get a "lifesaving" test from pp, there really wasn't even a question.


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  2. I'm not saying that asthma treatment should be seen as optional rather than as a necessity, but your logic is flawed. This post basically comes down to, "if I can't have my asthma medication covered by insurance then others shouldn't be allowed to have their birth control covered by insurance."

  3. Replies
    1. The two have absolutely nothing to do with eachother. Coverage of birth control has absolutely no effect on the coverage of asthma medication so it's completely irellevant in terms of your son's condition. Perhaps you should aim to try and get your medication covered by insurance rather than worry about what others are being subsidized for.

      And since you mentioned "choice", I'm sure your son could choose not to play sports, or to go out in the cold, no?

    2. We do have insurance. It still costs that much.

      As for your second point, are you f-ing kidding me?

  4. Isn't this essentially "tit for tat." Means insurance doesn't cover asthma medication it shouldn't cov er birth control pills ? Couldn't you shop around for a different plan? My insurance Covers almost all my childrens medical needs. I just don't understand how a prolifer is blogging about how Insurance companies shouldn't be required to cover birthcontrol. There are much more superficial things that companies cover. I'm not trying to insult..i'm just trying to understand.

  5. This is why I'm so glad I live in the UK where we have the NHS. I'm so glad the US is finally joining the rest of the first world in implimenting it's own similar system (whilst simultaniously disparing that the NHS is currently being dismantled and privatised)

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