Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My liberation...

This kid, the one who was supposed to "ruin my life" and destroy any chances I had at a decent future...the one who some thought I was "cruel" to even bring into the world since I was only 16, well, I can honestly say he was and still is the most amazing thing that's ever happened to me. He's in 7th grade now, and way too rad to let me kiss him on the cheek when I drop him off at school, but he makes up for it with sweet little emails like this, just out of the blue. 

It's insane to imagine life without him, and even crazier to think that some people believe me terminating him in the womb could've brought me liberation.

Had I aborted him it would've been out of nothing but fear and panic. I would be living in bondage and regret to this day.

Through bringing him into this world though I became a feminist, an activist, an advocate for women who's shoes I've traveled in. And because of that unplanned pregnancy I found out I was stronger than I ever knew I was.

In my opinion, that's what true feminism is all about.