Thursday, January 30, 2014

Let's Take A Minute To Talk About How Killing People Is Wildly Different Than Gayness

Please y’all, I’m begging, stop comparing abortion to homosexuality. They’re not even in the same realm, so knock it off. 

There are too many pro-choice people who desperately want to lump abortion in with all the other “social issues," and the last thing we want to do is help them propagate that lie.

Let me break it down...

Certain acts- i.e. rape, abortion, murder- are attacks AGAINST another human being; an innocent bystander. Other behaviors, while you may label them as “sins”- gluttony, pre-marital sex, materialism, homosexuality- are conscious choices made by consenting individuals. While we may not agree with them, society as a whole has decided the government does not need to protect us from them. Abortion is the one exception that's been put into the "social issue" category when obviously it does not belong there.

When we finally begin to differentiate between cases where we need government "protection" and those where we merely have a personal or religious "preference" we can see homosexuality and abortion are not even in the same ballpark. One is clearly a social issue while the other is matter of life and death.

Here, let’s try something. For just a second take God out of the equation.

I’ll assume half of you just “x-ed” out of this page, but for those of you still with us, we must accept not everyone in America lives their life according to the Bible or has any interest in even attempting to do so. Our country is now largely secular, and while you might find that disturbing, if we truly want to change the culture, we must acknowledge our audience. Furthermore, if we truly want to change the laws, we must respect the separation of church and state. (Don't waste time commenting about how that was meant to protect the church, I get it, but that's hardly how it's being applied today.)

When you view both abortion and homosexuality without the Bible as a filter you will see they are largely different. Without religion it’s somewhat difficult to find fault in homosexuality (feel free to tell me how wrong I am in the comments as I'm sure you will), but abortion on the other had is very easy to argue from a secular perspective, because science

So, just like we would never compare divorce to slavery, we should not allow abortion to be lumped in with acts that are not about violent assaults on innocent human beings.

Abortion must no longer be categorized as a “social issue,” when it is clearly an attack on the most basic of constitutional human rights- the right to life.