Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Seeing humans not property....

"The modern day abortion argument reminds me of Abraham Lincoln debating with the opposition about the status of a slave being "human". In our history we look back and are astonished to think our ancestors could think that way. How could they not know that person before them with the same features and number of limbs wasn't human for heaven's sake? We had to fight a civil war to close an argument that to people in the present seems so clear. 

I feel like this debate of when life begins will someday be one of those moments. In the last 25 years, we have been able to peer into the womb like no other generation before. Wanted babies have yards of sonogram footage showing toes and first smiles. Women, pro-choice and pro-life mourn the loss of a wanted baby, when lost in utero. Somehow, that baby becomes a clump of cells when it's a product of poor judgement or "bad timing". I think one day we will look back at the massive loss of human life and all be ashamed. Our children and our children's children will wonder how we were too stupid to see that person with the same features and number of limbs in the sonogram (cause its not like we couldn't see them with our own eyes) wasn't a human and deserving of rights."

-Jennifer Jenkins Chase