Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I just read a quote that gave me chills...

"'Mother' is the name for god on the lips and hearts of children."

What an incredible thought. Take a moment not to be offended, but instead soak that sentiment in.
To a child that knows nothing more, this is the power a mother holds. We are everything. Their giver of life, their protector, their nurturer, their shelter, their food source... everything.
When did we stop embracing that power?
When did we stop celebrating it?
When did it become something to destroy?
When did we become at odds with those that depend on us for everything?
We control their entire universe yet feel "empowered" when we destroy it. How? And why?
Just because we can?
Because we are bigger and stronger and have the power to do so? As a feminist that sounds awfully familiar.
The power to create and destroy. The power to give life and take it.... I guess that does make us gods, huh? But isn't that everything people hate about God? How He allows evil, and destruction, and death. After every natural disaster, after every school shooting, after every act of terrorism people are always asking where "God" was and why he didn't stop the violence.
Yet, when the violence is suddenly a "woman's right to choose" we are silent in the face of human oppression.
Our ability to destroy another human being simply because they are powerless against our aggression, and can't say no... that will never be a human "right." Because that is the very definition of oppression.
We have so much power.
But how will we use it? For good or evil? To give life or take it?
Violence against human beings - no matter how vulnerable, weak, or unwanted they are - that can never be something that we champion as feminists, or people.
We fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.
And because of that, abortion is the human rights violation of our lifetime.