Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How To Convince Radical Fauxminists This Is All. Their. Damn. Fault.

Originally, I set out to write a "How to never be with a guy who would try to manipulate you into having an abortion" counter-piece to this trash, but turns out typing "Don't date asshole scum" does not a full blog post make. So instead, I've decided to write yet another open letter to all the radical fauxminists of the world who have no freakin' excuse to be outraged by this douchebag's article, because it was soooooo the next logical step in this idiotic movement of theirs. Wish me luck, here goes...

Dear Gloria Steinem and Co.,

You finally did it, sisters. You're finally there. Where you ask? Well let me tell you, you're all finally equal suckasses in the town of suckassville, where there might be barf all over the floor, but at least the gumball machine's stocked full of Plan B! So, party on, right?!

See, forty years ago you "won" us the right to choose life or death for our offsprings, and now the inevitable has happened- frat boys with the emotional depth of a clogged urinal have managed to duplicate their one pathetic brain cell, and wise up just enough to demand their own dose of equality by asking for the right choose as well. And I mean, can we really blame them? They did the same deed, sowed the same seed, so why shouldn't they get a say? What, like when you kill your children it's all cute and delicate and shiz, but when they want the very same thing it suddenly becomes a mean, manly, lumberjacky abortion? Shooo gurl, that's sexist. And you know better. 

Thing is, they're asking for the exact same thing you are... freedom from responsibility, at all costs. They're not ready to shoulder the burden of parenthood. They're equally as irresponsible as you, and maybe they can't afford a kid right now either, or just want to finish school first, or have prom coming up and sitters be expensive, yo. So why are you so outraged when one of them writes something like "How to convince a girl to get an abortion?" When what you really should be upset about is the fact that he feels the need to manipulate you into doing so. He shouldn't have to stoop to that level just because he wants junior ripped limb from limb. All he should have to do is ask, which is why I am going to propose the following....

If you're really all for equality like you claim to be, than I think the baby batter donor of that little bun in your oven should get just as much say as you do in whether or not your child gets to live or die.

Granted, we must acknowledge this fetus fiesta is happening in your body, and I do think that counts for something. Because of that, I propose that you get ultimate veto power, BUT it will come at a cost. Here's what I'm spitballing... 

If he says abort and you say no, he's off the hook when it comes to all future child support payments and parenting responsibilities. That's only fair, and like equality or something, right? I mean, doesn't that just make your feminist parts tingle with liberation?! You had your shot, you chose not to abort, now he gets his chance to cut all parental ties as well.

Second scenario, if you want to abort and he does not, you must payout damages for his emotional distress. I looked it up and the internet said it's actually a pretty easy thing to prove. Here's all he needs to do to win big bucks:

  • You must have experienced severe emotional distress. (You're killin' his kid, so yeah, duh.)
  • The defendant's conduct has to be outrageous or extreme. The conduct must include more than threats, insults, indignities and annoyances. However, the actions do not have to include any physical harm. (Threatening to kill his bambino, THEN actually doing it through physical harm to said bambino. Cha-ching!)
  • You must prove the defendant's act was reckless or intentional. For example, the defendant harassed you or intentionally told you of a family member's death that wasn't true. (But in this case the family member, his son or daughter, will actually die, so they'll probably add a few extra zeros for that one too.)
  • The defendant's actions must actually be the cause of your emotional distress. (And obviously they are. He sees his future hopes and dreams in your womb fruit, and you're about to have it obliterated.)

See? Easy-peasy to prove, especially since you won't contest because, feminism. All that money you're gonna save on pampers you can just put straight towards the payout. (Wo)Man, I bet you're loving equality so hard right now. And there it is at its finest. At least as fine as anything can be in the suckass town of suckassville where rather than striving to achieve unique greatness in our own genders, everyone would rather settle for the most base level of equality.

So sayonara suckassers.


A real feminist who sees that going from an "incubator" to a "semen receptacle" is no progress at all.


  1. Spending a lot of time lately reading about modern radical feminism and have come to learn that there is no desire for equality.... At all. And they don't give two shitz if it makes sense. I was told that I'm not a feminist; I'm a humanist apparently. Pffft. The whole bro-choice pile of dogcrap is leaving me shaking mad as well. Great post, D.

  2. I love your posts more and more each day.

  3. I do not see the writer as a feminist. I see her(?) as anti-choice. A fetus is not "killin' his kid" and when that is put out, even if supposedly coming from another voice, without disputing the legitimacy of feasibility, it is anti-choice

    Feminism does not have anything to deal with dating assholes. Unfortunately, that is an equal opportunity for all. And that is what feminism is - equal opportunities - equal pay.

    Just bc someone can throw around a few curses does not make them a feminist and certainly not a good, thoughtful writer. The post would have benefited from a good editor besides a good writer.

  4. Ouch! Good one commentator! Oh wait, all you did was make assertions without backing them up. Nevermind. Maybe you should work on your own writing instead of picking apart another writer.

  5. A conversation with a young man in my 8th grade Family and Consumer Science class, " Why do I have to do the baby doll on the weekend? " "It is required because some day you might become a parent." "You mean a baby daddy?" "No, a parent." " I will never be a parent. My baby mama might deliver ,but I don't want children." "But you will be responsible if she has a baby." "Look, no disrespect to you , but, it is her body, it is her choice, it is her responsibility if she chooses to have it. I will never choose to have a baby and I will not choose to raise it."
    That says it all-doesn't it?

  6. @Janette....That is just so sad. What is becoming of our youth these days?

  7. Have you seen this outrageous video?

  8. Spot on. I have always felt this way and hated for it.