Friday, September 18, 2020

Orgasm Resources

We recently did a Zoom call about climaxing, reaching ecstasy, having the Big O, or the little death, and here are some of resources we mentioned as well as others y’all sent in!

Sexplanations with Dr. Doc on YouTube
Especially these videos: (external orgasms) (vaginal orgasms) (stages of arousal)

@Kristinbhodson on insta (sex therapist)

Recommended by friends:

Info on body safe toys:

She Comes First by Ian Kerner (great book for men wanting to learn cunnilingus)

Depending on your beliefs, they can be achieved alone or with your partner, but either way - WOMEN NEED TO BE HAVING THEM! Having a strong pelvic floor, among all of the other health benefits (and there are many) that they provide are V important to your overall sexual health... pun intended!